Garbage and Recycles Collection
The city provides trash collection twice per week in our area, Mondays and Thursdays, unless there’s a holiday during the week. If a holiday is observed on a Monday, normally the trash collection slides to Tuesday and Friday. You can be sure by viewing the Holiday Slide Schedule on the DC DPW website. On Mondays, they pick up recyclables as well. Please do not put garbage and recycle cans out to the curb prior to 6 p.m. on the evening before pickup. Also, garbage must be in a DC-provided container to comply with rodent control efforts.
Snow Removal
Some of our winter seasons have been very mild while others have included significant snow events.  THM4 contracts for snow removal from its parking areas, and the board does its best to coordinate with city snow removal services during times of heavy snowfall.
Zoning Regulations
The board also coordinates with city officials to help ensure compliance with local zoning regulations, especially as they apply to rental properties.
Bulk Trash Collection
For removal of large items such as furniture, call the city 311 line and schedule a bulk trash collection.