About Us
Townhouse Management Four (THM4), Inc. is an association of homeowners established as a non-profit corporation to manage and maintain the common areas and parking areas within its boundaries for the use and enjoyment of its members. THM4 incorporates 94 townhomes in the area bounded by the west side 4th Street to the east side of 7th Street and from the north side of G Street to the Southwest Freeway (I-395). The Association is managed by a Board of Directors elected at an annual meeting.
We are fortunate to live just a few blocks from the national mall with its monuments, memorials, and museums. THM4 residents have easy access to three Metro stops and can walk to professional sports events at Nationals Stadium and the Verizon Center. The exciting new Wharf development will add increased choices for sightseeing, shopping, and dining.
Click here to see a map of THM4 within the District of Columbia.

Events and Notices
The THM4 Annual Meeting for 2022 was held on November 15, 2022. Meeting documents have been posted on the Member Meetings page under the Our HOA tab. The meeting minutes will be posted when available.
The fall chili cook-off was a grand success. Stay tuned for announcements on our expanded social agenda.

About Our Website

About Our Website

Our website has two primary goals. The first is to provide THM4 residents with current information about our homeowners’ association as well as city services in our area and links to other organizations supporting the Southwest quadrant of the District of Columbia. The second goal is to provide a repository of historical information concerning the management of the association and the maintenance of its infrastructure. This website also provides the Board with a means to communicate with all residents via email. All THM4 residents have accounts on this website. For access, please refer to the instructions on the January 23, 2018 email sent by the THM4 Board or click "Register" on the upper right corner of the screen.

On this website, residents will find valuable information under the “Our HOA” tab including the current association bylaws and directory, and links to association financial statements and annual meeting minutes. The “Our Common Areas” tab provides information on landscaping, lighting, gates and locks, parking, and stormwater management. These pages describe the association infrastructure and provide links to maintenance activities. Under the “Our Neighborhood” tab, residents will find information on city services, our annual calendar, and links to other local organizations and resources. This tab also provides the capability for residents to use a message board for interacting with their THM4 neighbors.

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Nov 2022 Annual Meeting Presentation
Jun 2022 Lighting Maintenance Notes
Jun 2022 Stormwater Maintenance - Eastern Courtyard
Nov 2021 Year-End Financial Compilation Reports for 2020
Nov 2021 Five-Year Plan Briefing and 2022 Budget
Oct 2021 New lanterns installed in Eastern and Western Courtyards
Jul 2021 Stormwater Maintenance Eastern and Western Courtyards
Jul 2021 Stormwater Maintenance Central Courtyards
Feb 2021 THM4 Directory
Oct 2020 Documents for the 2020 Annual Meeting
Jul 2020 Stormwater Maintenance - Central Courtyard West, Western Courtyard, Eastern Courtyard
Jun 2020 Patched, Sealed, and re-striped 4th St - 4th Pl parking lot
May 2020 New planters installed in 6th Place
May 2020 Stormwater Maintenance - Central Courtyard West